Saturday, 5 March 2011

Afternoon Tea #2

Another baking frenzy in the kitchen today. Cheese and tomato and cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches on home-made wholemeal bread alongside smoked salmon on dark-rye with coriander bread. Cheese and cumin scones and fruit scones with thick clotted cream and scrummy strawberry jam. I also made fairy cakes for the first time, the first time I'd made any sponge cakes to be honest. Bit nervous as the mixture looked odd but when I took them out the oven they looked and smelled wonderful. Drizzled over a bit of lemon icing (just icing sugar and lemon juice) to dress them and they tasted great.

Yummy and very light.
Now want to make more cakes - a proper Victoria sponge is my next project!


  1. Very nice post. Love that you shot a picture of your own food. So great.

    What is clotted cream? I've heard of it but do not know what it is.

  2. It is very thick cream, a traditional part of a cream tea. It has a very rich taste, almost savoury in a strange way. Originates in the SW of the UK (Cornwall and Devon in particular). You don't need very much as it is very rich.

  3. Hi Alan. I use double cream now but will look for clotted. Thank you.

  4. Hi Alan. Just checked my local Wegmans online. And they carry Double Devon Cream in a jar. Is that the same thing because I put in clotted cream and it took me to this, but I use a double cream for whipping and it doesn't seem the same.

    I'm making my strawberries and cream with scone/biscuits and wanted to try your clotted cream but I am confused. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  5. Probably not the same thing. Clotted Cream is almost as thick as ice cream, you can't pour it you have to scoop it out! Some pictures here which show the cream in all its yummy glory!

  6. Just saw the recipe for clotted cream fudge. Great link. Thanks again. Have a yummy day.