Sunday, 29 May 2011

What's Growing?

I've just about filled the two vegetable beds with the plants for this year. Some I've grown from seed, some are perennials and some I've bought from the local allotment association (HAAGA) and from Ryton Organic Gardens. This year I'll be growing in the vegetable beds:
  • Rhubarb - found this in the garden when we moved in many years ago buried under all the rubbish left by the previous owners. Not so good this year as the weather has been very dry.
  • Jerusalem Artichokes - planted a few tubers a couple of years ago and now have a small forest of plants. Great for soups or roasted with beef or chicken.
  • Courgettes - Two different types this year; a yellow globe type and a more standard green one.
  • French, Broad and Runner beans - Heritage seeds from Ryton, it will be interesting to see how they taste.
  • Onions - grown from sets from HAAGA
  • Leeks - Heritage plants from Ryton, these will see me into winter
  • Salad Greens - a mixed set of leaves
Bean Poles in place - annoyed cat in foreground
In planters:
  • Aubergines - small lilac globes some being grow in the greenhouse and some in the sunnier area by the greenhouse.
  • Tomatoes - Several heritage types from Ryton including one called Giant Green Sausage growing on the patio in large, deep planters.
  • Herbs - several types of mint, sage, hyssop, rosemary, bay and lime balm.

  • Two apples - an old Cox type (was in the garden when we arrived) and a Egmount Russet - my favourite apple.
  • Victoria Plum - far too large for our garden because of the rootstock it is on but it produces buckets of juicy flavourful fruit every year. Plenty for me and plenty for the birds!

Jerusalem Artichokes at the front centre
Hopefully we will have the perfect mix of sunny warm days and warm wet nights this summer and a bumper crop of goodies!


  1. I've never eaten a Jerusalem artichoke. Love your garden space. So great.

    Well, we're headed to the bookshop for some work and a good ice cream drink that we've only found at Borders.

    Hope you and your wife have a groovy day. Catch you next time.

    Happy Gardening.

  2. Love it, man. It's so cool growing your own stuff from seed. I think it makes for heartier plants. That, and you feel like they are your wee babies.

  3. Yeah it does feel that way (cheaper too!) - I had 100% germination rate with my courgette plants so I've got too many to plant out but find it hard to just throw them on the compost heap!

  4. Alan your place looks great. I don't think I've ever had a Jerusalem Artichoke before.