Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Power of Five - Cookery Books

I have a rather large, some may say too large, collection of cookery books. These five are the ones I turn too again and again:

Dough - Richard Bertinet
I really get a kick out of making bread and this book has improved the quality of my bread. It contains a variety of interesting recipes and the technique he details makes kneading the dough much easier and the bread much lighter in texture.

Indian Cookery - Khalid Aziz
This is ancient book but the numerous stains indicate how much it has been used! A nice variety of meat and vegetarian Indian dishes.

Fish - Sophie Grigson and William Black
A description of a variety fishy species and ways of cooking them. Useful suggestions of alternate fish to use and some very tasty recipes.

The Kitchen Diaries - Nigel Slater
I adore all of Nigel's books and choosing one over the others was difficult. However this is the one I have found myself tuning to again and again. Lots of flavourful recipes, Nigel's entertaining writing and attractive photography make this a must have.

Farmhouse Cookery - Reader's Digest
My mum had a copy of this and eventually I managed to find a copy for myself via the internet. This is great for traditional recipes (crumbles, dumplings etc.).

This was a difficult job as there are a number of other books I would like to have included (Rick Stein, Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Madhur Jaffrey et al).

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